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Our Approach to Coaching

La Shawn believes in injury free pitching and transformational coaching.

Transformational coaches:

  •  Are other-centered they use their power and platform to nurture and transform players. Players follow these coaches because they sense their authenticity.
  •  Are dedicated to self-understanding and empathy, viewing sports as virtuous and virtue-giving discipline. They believe young people can grow and flourish in sports in a way that is more liberating and instructive than can be achieved through most any other activity.

La Shawn empowers his students by questioning their self-doubt, pointing out evidence to the contrary and using a mix of empathy, firmness, and affirmation to convince them of their self-worth.

La Shawn prepares his students to answer the question college coaches ask La Shawn all the time. “who do you have that has the ability or potential to throw 60mph plus”.

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